Wasted Wisdom Reclaimed

I had an arrogant moment the other day. I was composing an e-mail to a client who seemed to be moving slowly in responding to my wisdom. I decided I’d challenge that client to take action using myself as an unnamed example of how a great client leverages great coaching.

Wisdom IgnoredI was thinking of what a dedicated client I had been to a number of the world-class coaches I had worked with, studied with or known. That list includes Steve Chandler, Maria Nemeth, Stasia Johnson Steinhagen, Todd Stebleton, Norm Stoehr, Dennis Conroy, Jeff Redmon, Mary Kelly, Linda and Todd Anderson, Tom Waite, Diane Ritz, Chrissy Carew and others (right).

I thought how, if I polled them, they all probably rate me as world class in “coachability.”

Actually, I didn’t think that last thought.

Wasted Wisdom

Before I got too far in my reverie, I remembered specific coaching suggestions I’d never acted on. Wisdom that had been wasted on me.


So these days, as I find myself remembering a suggestion, challenge or assignment I’ve been given and ignored, I’m working to catch up on some of the wisdom.

Call to Action

You may never have worked with a coach as an adult, but you’ve spent time with wise people. You had parents, aunts and uncles, teachers, school coaches, neighbors, ministers and maybe attorneys or accountants. You’ve either been given suggestions directly or thought to yourself “that’s a good idea. I should do that.”

I invite you to join me in revisiting that wisdom and acting on it.


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