“If you’re willing to ask 1000 people, you can have anything” (including trust)

I’m told we can thank Byron Katie for the quote above.  Since my friend Steve Chandler is a big Katie fan, making requests is center stage on my daily dashboard.  To put this notion in context, consider that I once told a friend, I said “I don’t ask others for much,” to which my friend replied “you never ask anyone for anything.”

Those words landed with a thud.  It can’t be a good thing to NEVER ask for anything1. Right?

So I’m working on making one request each day.  One request, no big deal, right?  For me, it’s brutal.

If I make one daily, I know I’ve got neuroscience on my side as I’ve learned about taking small steps from The Kaizen Way and even The Slight Edge. If I even just think about making one request daily, I’m starting to build the habit of thinking about it. That will eventually lead to the habit of making requests and that could lead to something amazing.

So today I’m going to look for simple, little requests I can make that will help me build my “request” muscle.

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1I’ve learned that one of the best ways to build trust is to ask others for help.  Asking for help makes me a little vulnerable, which shows my trust in you. Getting your help has me owe you a favor which also makes me vulnerable and also gives me the opportunity to pay you back which builds trust.

[Aug 3, 2010]

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