AD/HD (with a positive spin)

Hunters, Farmers, Reframing & Aliveness
Featuring Thomas (Thom) Hartmann from his video, ADD a New Perspective
Used with the author’s permission

When I got interested in Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), I was fortunate, very fortunate, to start my reading with several books by Thom Hartmann. Fortunate because Hartmann provides a positive context for a “disorder” that otherwise might have felt embarrassing (or worse) to admit to.

The three edited excerpts below include some of the best material off of a video program Hartmann did years ago. Below, you’ll find a link to order a newer video titled ADHD: Hunter in a Farmer’s World, I’m sure it will contain similar material to what I’ve included here.

The first excerpt below introduces Hartmann’s story/model of ADD actually being the skill set of a hunter; it includes a comparison between characteristics common to hunters (people with ADD) and those common to farmers (people without ADD).

The second section includes Hartmann’s thoughts about the importance of reframing and a discussion of where “having” ADD can lead to success.

The final section introduces Hartmann’s theory that Maslow missed the need for aliveness in building his theory of motivation, and he explains how the need for aliveness plays into ADD.

If you find this interesting, I’d suggest you order the complete video, as I’ve only included the highlights.

Note: The files below are in the Real Media format. They download faster for listening.

11:59 The Hunter/Farmer Model
11:27 Reframing ADD as a Gift
16:24 The “Need” Maslow missed – Aliveness

Click here to visit Thom Hartmann’s web site

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