Networking Roulette Spreadsheet

The main page with the day's randomly chosen task

The main page with the day’s
randomly chosen task

Networking Roulette 3.0 Spreadsheet tool

Use this Excel spreadsheet to randomly identify your networking action for the day.

Spare yourself from picking your top priority networking action for the day…ever day.

Instead, let this spreadsheet tool randomly pick it for you from a pool of up to 40 activities you have decided are important for you to do.

Easily add new items, deactivate items you don’t want to have in the pool and build a sustainable networking habit.  If you’re interested click the download button below.

Download Networking Roulette

Watch a demonstration video

Find out if this tool is for you by watching the first two videos.

This first one shows the basic functionality.

This one shows logging/recording the tasks you’ve completed.

The following videos are useful if you’re going to try using the Networking Roulette tool.

This one shows how to activate or deactivate possible task items.

3 Activate, deactivate, change or add action items to your pool

4 See the performance graphs if you want to track your progress

5 This one shows the only tricky part—sorting the data base of possible actions.

The following are special cases. The first is useful if you really know what you’re doing. The second is useful if the tool just doesn’t fit into your screen right (either to large or too small).

6 If you know what you’re doing, you can defeat the tool’s protections and customize it for yourself…if you know what you’re doing

7 If the spreadsheet doesn’t “fit” your screen and you’d like to make it smaller or larger, watch this

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