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Givers, Takers, Sociopaths & Saints  — Notes from my speech of 9/27/13 to the Legal Netlink Alliance

How to not get shot  — Michael Grinder’s brilliantly simple guidelines for delivering bad news (like a bad performance review)

What-Got-You-Here-Won’t-Get-You-There  — from Marshall Goldsmith’s best selling book; the checklist of bad relationship habits that kill careers once technical skill becomes insufficient to the tasks

The “Nine-Box Exercise” for an employee’s performance and their match to the organization’s values

9 Box Exercise Values and Performance  — I often hear Jack Welsh and GE given credit for this simple yet powerful exercise.  I don’t know who actually came up with it.  On this form, you place your employees in one of nine boxes where their job performance and match-to-values are rated as either High, Mixed or Low.  Some folks suggest you release any employees who’s performance or values-match is low.

Book list with Links:

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Change or Die by Alan Deutschman

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck

The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout





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