Working together #5 / Ongoing Coaching

First, one fundemental point:

  • I coach you, the individual, vs. following a process or emphasizing particular tools.
    So, if you want to know what my process is or what model I follow,
    that depends on you, what you want and your situation.

When our first four-month coaching program is complete, our assumption is we are done.  The point isn’t that we will be done, but that is the assumption.  I do it that way to make it easier for the client to stop if that is there wish.

Just-In-Time Coaching

Just-In-Time Coaching

Most often, however, we will continue.  We’ll review our approach and either stick with the same program for another four months or we’ll tweak it.  At the end of the second program, I’ll again assume we are complete and often the client chooses to continue.  In that case, we may again tweak the program.

Another possibility is that the client is clear about the program that works best for them and wants to lock that in for a longer period of time, up to a year, to take advantage of discounts on longer programs.

At some point we will be done working together professionally.  I may call every now and then.  We may meet for breakfast, but the professional relationship is complete.

And sometimes something happens and years later we start again.

Of sometimes, years later, some clients prefer to have a little coaching insurance by building a Just-In-Time (JIT) coaching program.

That might be a six-month program that includes one meeting that serves as a planning or review meeting and two JIT coaching issues that will be handled by phone, Skype or Face-Time.  These issues may be a sudden crisis or other important issues that  client would like to discuss as its happening by phone.  The calls are set up on very short notice (usually the same day) and run 30 minutes.  If the issue requires more than one call, then we do more than one call.  Sometimes the issue is handled in one 15-minute conversation.

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