Working #4 — Options


Some clients have unusual circumstances that can influence both the content and cost of their program.

Some include:

  • Time:  Needing to meet outside of normal business hours
    • I am willing to meet with up to three clients in the evening over dinner.
    • I am sometimes willing to meet with or call one client on Saturday morning.
  • Flexibility:  Needing greater flexibility in rescheduling meetings due to extensive travel
  • Location:  If you’re in the Twin Cities area, you’re in my home territory.  If you’re more than 40 minutes away from me, the additional travel time might be an issue.  And it might not.  If you’re way out-state, we’ll have to figure something out unless we just work by phone.
  • Super Busy:  I’ve had clients who have so little predictable time available during the work day that scheduling standing meetings or calls doesn’t work. That means we go to a total Just-In-Time coaching program.  I have a limit of three fully-active, 100% Just-In-Time clients.
  • Interviews:  Some clients ask me to interview subordinates or peers as a form of collecting 360° feedback.  On a couple of occasions, this has included the client’s spouse.
  • Observations:  Some clients ask me to sit in and sometimes participate in meetings.
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