Working with Jim #2 — Fees


You’re probably wondering what coaching costs.  What I’ll try to do here is cover the spectrum as I know it from coaching with the stars to working with a new coach.  I will, of course, give you some idea of where I fit into the range.

Coaching with the Stars

The highest coaching fee I’ve heard of was attributed to Tony Robbins at $1,000,000/year.  I’m sure there are other “celebrity” coaches at or above that level.  If we could afford to work with Tony and his friends, I’m sure we’d get spectacular results.

SteveHardisonTransformational Coaches

I’m making up a term here although you can find coaches who describe themselves as “Transformational.”  In my experience, they are.

The highest fee coach I’ve met was Steve Hardison, known as “The Ultimate Coach.”  He is amazing in ways I can’t describe.  I remember that he was in tears within about two minutes of starting and I wasn’t far behind.  It wasn’t because we were watching It’s a Wonderful Life or some other tear-jerker movie.  Hardison cared so much, exuded so much energy and was fearless in going for it.  You can get a sense of him from this video and you’ll also get some powerful coaching.

His clients pay his $150,000/year in full, in advance.

I met Hardison because my most recent coach, Steve Chandler, was one of Hardison’s clients.  Chandler’s fee was $50,000/year the last time I spoke with him.  You can get a sense of Steve here.  Steve is amazing in ways that are quite different from Hardison and he is amazing nonetheless.  Hilarious, too.

Corporate and Executive Coaches

I’d consider the coaches mentioned above to be “Transformational” coaches.  They are the high end of the coaching fee spectrum.

Perhaps less expensive would be “Corporate” coaches” provided by high-end consulting firms.  If you’re an executive at a Fortune 100 company, you may be encouraged to work with one of the coaches from the consulting firm they contract with.  Corporate coaching fees will be in the six-figure territory although they’ll include assessments, 360 feedback interviews with coworkers and other services beyond their time with you.

The next level includes “Executive” coaches.  One survey I reviewed put their fees at and above $500/hour.  As above, the Executive coach may provide assessments and 360 feedback interviews.  You can use the Coach Referral Service of the International Coach Federation’s website to find coaches around the world.

Specialty Coaches

I’ve met coaches who specialize in working with pregnant mothers (not just pregnant women), weight management, sales effectiveness and folks with AD/HD.  I’ve met coaches who bring special settings to coaching including working with horses, climbing mountains, sailing and so forth.  There may be a coach out there who has clients run with the bulls!

For the right person, working with the right specialty coach is perfect.  I sometimes have my clients meet with me and my friend Lynn Baskfield for a coaching session with the horses.  I’ve had clients meet with an organizational specialist.

Fees for specialty coaches will probably be somewhere between a Life coach (below) and an Executive coach.

Life Coaches

Much less expensive would be most “Life” coaches.  I saw a survey indicating most Life coaches charge around $200/hour, but I imagine fees can range widely with their experience.  You can visit the web site of the local chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and use their “Find A Coach” service to find local Life coaches.

(Note the terminology “Transformational”, “Corporate,” “Executive” and “Life” coaches is all made up.  There’s no term-specific license for any of these terms.  I use these terms to allow some categorization.  My opinion is that although all coaches deal with “life,” not all “Life” coaches deal with business.)

Jim’s Fees

I made up my own term for myself: “Personal Business” coach.  My clients range from the individual entrepreneur (mechanic) or professional (attorney) to the company CEO with thousands of employees.  Most of my clients are employers.

I’m a pretty easy going guy and have a hard time calling myself “corporate.”  It would be fair to call me an Executive coach, but I’d be more comfortable with “Entrepreneur” coach.

My fees are in the territory of an Executive coach and probably above most Life coaches.

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